Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Level 1, 2, 3, charging?

Level 1 is the most common, as you can do this from home with any 3-prong household outlet. Level 1 will give you 4-6 miles of driving range for every hour charged and is ideal for overnight charging. It’s the least expensive home charging option. Level 2, which uses a 240 volt outlet, is also common to many households. These heavier-duty outlets are the same that you would use to plug in your washing machine or dryer. This means they can be easily installed by an electrician in your garage or wherever you park your EV. A Level 2 plug gives you 22-26 miles for every hour charged, plus there are rebates up to $1,000 available for installing a home charger! Level 3 charging (also known as fast charging) provides technology that is quickly spreading to charging stations across the US. Level 3 charging stations can charge at speeds of up to 200 miles for every hour charged. 75 miles in 5 minutes or 1,000 miles in an hour.

I live in a multi-unit property, how can I approach my HOA to approve an EV charger install?

I don't have a charger yet, can I buy one from Coil Electric?

How do I acquire a permit for my EV charger installation?