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Coil Electric will work with your HOA or property manager to ensure the best EV solutions are installed for your building.

Here are some tips for approaching building management about EV Charging at your Multi Unit Building:

  • Engage with other tenants to see if they are mutually interested in EV Charging

  • Research local, state, and federal incentives for charging equipment

  • Review the parking layout and location of electrical room with a Coil Specialist to determine initial scope

  • Coil can propose a scalable EV Charging Plan for your property

  • Refer to our HOA/Property Owners solutions to reiterate the benefits of installing EV infrastructure

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  • Attract new and eco-conscious tenants.

  • Lux amenity to tenants 

  • Generate income using EVSE administrative payment

  • Qualify for tax incentives and rebates 

  • Increase property value

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  • Level 2 or 3 Charging

  • Design & Engineered Plan Sets

  • Load Calculation Management

  • Permit Services

  • Meter Taps and Metering Solutions

  • Power Sharing Solutions

  • Installation & Configuration

  • HOA Solutions (Hyperlinked to HOA page)

  • EVSE Administrative Payment Solutions